Our Purpose

There are so many reasons that people access on street support, and it’s not always just about hunger. Of course, food poverty plays a crucial part in homelessness, but Birmingham’s on street provision also provides a much-needed sense of community for some.

Many people are stuck in a cycle that leaves them feeling lonely or disconnected from society, which makes it harder for them to engage with services and seek the help they need.

We have the power to build trust and engage in dialogue that encourages people to accept the help and advice on offer from homeless services across the city.

Our vision and ambition for the future

Let’s Feed Brum aims to be part of the solution to homelessness; giving people back their dignity and leading by example when it comes putting humanity back into supporting people off the streets for good.

Our mission and why we do what we do

Let’s Feed Brum is a volunteer-led charity on a mission to make a lasting difference to those experiencing and at risk of homelessness. Our aim is to create meaningful engagement with people on the streets, using a cup of tea as the vehicle to start conversations and help them get the support they need. We very much take a befriending role, and help to bridge the gap between homelessness services and people on the streets; providing help where it’s needed most.

Everything we do is done with heart; bringing compassion and collaboration to the forefront in order to provide what people need today – including food, drink and essential supplies – tomorrow, and beyond.

Simply put, Let’s Feed Brum is there to make a difference, supporting individuals and families who otherwise slip through the cracks. The food element is an enabler, not the primary focus: support and assistance is key.

Our values and what we stand for

Proud to be a volunteer-led, independent charity

Focused on doing everything with heart; putting compassion at the forefront of what we do

Working towards giving people their dignity back

Big on collaboration and working collectively to support people and helping end homelessness by signposting the right services

Building friendships through genuine connections with those on the streets

Leading by example and putting people and humanity at the centre of what we do

Not being afraid to challenge the status quo and do things differently to have a positive impact on people’s lives

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