How you can help the homeless this winter

Though living on the streets is tough all year around, it’s no secret that Winter brings even harder times. With colder days and nights without shelter, the homeless of Brum struggle to keep warm, safe and fed as they watch others walk the streets with loved ones, celebrating the holidays. It’s a difficult time that can be made better with help from you. We’ve put together a guide on the things you can do this season to help those less fortunate than ourselves:



Donate your old Winter clothing

Most of us probably have more than one Winter coat; in fact, we probably have a few old jumpers, scarves and gloves too. Why not declutter your wardrobe and help the homeless at the same time? You can drop your donations to Itihaas Restaurant on Fleet Street.



Sleeping bags are essential

Being without shelter, those living on our streets don’t have a warm bed or central heating to rely on when the Weather takes a bad turn. Donating sleeping bags provides them with the comfort they need to stay as warm and healthy as possible on the streets.



Volunteer with us

Let’s Feed Brum now work 6 nights a week providing food and drink to the homeless. We are always in need of volunteers to donate their time and come help us serve food & drink. If you’re interested in volunteering, please email



Food & drink

If you’re a Birmingham-based restaurant, café or food business and want to help ensure those living on our streets don’t go hungry, get involved by emailing Don’t let your food go to waste, it could help feed someone who can’t afford to eat at all that week.



Time & friendship

Let’s Feed Brum is not just about food. Yes, supplies are important and help to ensure those living on our streets are kept healthy, but so is time and friendship. We work to ensure our city’s homeless are given all the support they need and help them towards a better life. Take moment this Winter to acknowledge someone on the streets – say hello – we’re all human, some of us are just in better positions than others.

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