It all comes full circle

A huge part of Let’s Feed Brum is being there to listen to the stories of those who have found themselves stuck on the streets, unable to find a way back to a life of permanent shelter and routines. Things that seem so simple to most of us, like picking up a snack along with our newspaper, or popping the kettle on for a nice, warm brew when you’re feeling the cold in Winter – these things are luxuries to those living on our streets, but they seem so small to us that we often forget how lucky we truly are.

Volunteering with Let’s Feed Brum has always been about helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves get back on their feet by introducing new friendships and contacts, providing essential support, as well as supplying them with life fundamentals such as food and drink, toiletries, clothes and much more. In less than a year, Let’s Feed Brum has already impacted the lives of many, as Inspiration Support’s Ben Rafiqi, recently found out when he reconnected with a young man who had visited the soup kitchen at the start of the year.

‘One cold wet night at the turn of the year a young man found himself at the soup kitchen. A stranger to England let alone our city, he was friendless and broke, hungry but not broken. That very first night he found people who were there to befriend him, encourage him, and listen to his woes.

That connection brought him back, and little by little, the genuine concern and encouragement he received helped him to cross the hurdles he faced. ID, paperwork, figuring out how to get to grips with the bureaucracy this country is famous for. Eventually it all got done and not too long ago, after the hard slog of putting together CVs, knocking on countless doors and interviews, he got a job.

So back at the soup kitchen this Friday night, it was busy, chaotic, calm, and frantic. As usual, the regulars will know, but behind the table serving food and hot drinks for the first time, working hard and ever so politely, was the same young man.’


If you would like to get involved with Let’s Feed Brum and see first-hand how you can really change the lives of those living on our streets, email We can’t wait to hear more stories like that above – let’s really make a difference in this city, let’s tackle homelessness together.

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