Some devastating news – can this be the last time?

Some devastating news has surfaced this morning as a homeless man’s body was discovered behind the Victoria Pub in Birmingham last night. The Birmingham Mail reports that the 30-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene and had no fixed address.

As the bitter cold, winter nights have descended upon us, most of us are retreating to the comfort of our own homes, tucked under blankets for a safe night’s sleep. While we prepare to spend the Christmas season with our loved ones, those on the streets are completely forgotten about, left with nothing but the slight warmth from a lit lamppost to keep them company.

The news this morning really highlights the importance of helping our homeless, who are clearly being neglected. Birmingham is our city, and these are our people. Let’s Feed Brum was established so that instances such as these never have to arise again, and so that we as a city, and as fellow human beings, can give to those who are less fortunate.

The identity of the man has not yet been announced but the team at Let’s Feed Brum is so upset by the news and wondering if he was one of the people we have met along the way. Regardless, we wanted this to be a reason to really rally people together… since setting up Let’s Feed Brum we know how many of you want to help and now is as good a time as any. So here is a simple guide to supporting people just like this young guy who our city failed.

  • Food – If you’re a caterer, restaurant, or food outlet, we would love for you to get involved. Donate the fresh food that will be served up at the New Street Soup Kitchen, every night, to Brum’s homeless. To get involved, please email
  • Volunteers – A fantastic way to show your support is to volunteer with us and help serve up food to the homeless. It’s the best way to see the situation first-hand. Some nights we have enough to run four walkabout teams in addition to the soup kitchen and we can not help but think that we would have found this person last night if we had more volunteers on the street. To get involved, please email
  • Clothing/Sleeping bags etc. – Chances are most of us have last year’s coat or an old sleeping bag stuffed in the back of our wardrobe: why not declutter and help keep a homeless person warm for the night? Drop your donations off to Itihaas restaurant on Fleet Street.
  • Donate money – Charity Inspiration Support have set up a LocalGiving page that you can donate to, which will help fund all the hard work they have been doing to help the homeless.

Can we make it the last winter that someone dies on the streets of Birmingham because there is no shelter for them?

All of us at Let’s Feed Brum urge you to help us tackle homelessness. Please.

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  1. Jessica Pardesi says:

    Hi, I work for a trade union based in the city centre and I think your organisation seems great and just wondering whether we can support you. We have recently become a food collection point for our staff and members so think asking for other essential items will complement that as people often ask whether they can donate clothes. Im wondering whether it would be useful to set up a donation bin, similar to what barefoot in Harbourne have set up. If this is ok with you, I will seek the relevant permissions/approval within our internal organisation.

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