Let’s Feed Brum has come a long way since launching back in 2016, with some of Birmingham’s top restaurants, cafés and businesses now involved in helping feed the homeless every night… and we are just getting started.

By donating to Let’s Feed Brum you are not only helping us continue offering food and friendship to those living on our streets, but you are also contributing massively to their overall wellbeing.

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Our overall mission is to tackle homelessness head-on! It’s not about providing food on the streets every night to keep people out there; it’s about having a way of connecting with them every day – sometimes twice a day – to build a relationship and, most importantly, trust.

Challenging at times, but our volunteers create genuine connections with the people they help and, from there, are able to start better understanding their complex needs.

Every week, we ensure that people have the right clothing and supplies, in whatever situation they currently find themselves. Head over to our social media pages to see what items we’re currently calling out for!

Homelessness isn’t an easy challenge to ‘solve’ nor can it be done by one person or charity. It’s a collective effort and a series of interventions that help support someone back onto their feed and, often, giving them confidence along the way. This is why we use our relationships with the people we help to then signpost charities, services and projects that can take them to the next stage.

We know it’s no easy task, which is why we need your help!