The Challenge

Let’s Feed Brum was set up to build on the work of Inspiration Support, a team of dedicated volunteers who have provide food, drink, essential supplies and friendship to those living on our streets for six years.

With 10 million tonnes of food being thrown away every year in the UK, we’re bringing Birmingham’s cafés, bars and restaurants together to help feed people in these unfortunate circumstances. Added to that, we’re increasing the number of volunteers out on the streets by getting the community together to be the humans we should all be.

The idea being that we satisfy the immediate need and don’t let people go hungry but, ultimately, start conversations that help us understand how we can signpost the right services that already exist in the city. Not everyone out on the streets is ready to access services themselves so our friendship, seeing them six nights a week, helps us understand their situation and give them support to lead them to experts who can help.


How it works


You let the Inspiration Support team come along – either daily, weekly or monthly – to collect the fresh food you would otherwise throw away at the end of the day

This food then makes its way to the already established New Street Soup Kitchen, which is based outside HSBC on New Street

Your food will then be handed out to people in need – every night, the team serves between 50-100 people at this location each night

Some of your food will also go to people across the city, when our team walks around to reach out to those who don’t come down to the New Street Soup Kitchen. There are many reasons why we need to do this; these people might not have the confidence, health or mental wellbeing to make their way to us.

If donating fresh food isn’t enough, you could also come down and serve hot and cold food yourself alongside the Inspiration Support volunteers. By this, you can volunteer your time or go the extra mile and actually make meals especially for New Street Soup Kitchen. You’ve got the skills and we want you to put them to good use.


“There is a huge population of homeless people in Birmingham; however, there is a larger population of people that can help. When I heard about Inspiration Support’s work, I knew that I wanted Itihaas to get involved. I went out with Ben, the founder of Inspiration Support, and his team of volunteers to see the situation firsthand and understand more clearly how Itihaas can help. The experience was equally humbling and frustrating: knowing how many people would go hungry without the work of Inspiration Support, and how easy it would be for more people to help, has made me more determined than ever to be part of the change.

“Itihaas is proud to be at the forefront of the Let’s Feed Brum campaign and we’re now serving hot food every Monday, but we need others to join us on this journey. Being a restaurant owner, I know the extent of food waste in this city: my question is why are we throwing this food away when it could be used to feed someone that needs it? I want to challenge my fellow Brummie restaurants to step up to the plate and help us to help others. Itihaas will be taking one day a week but that leaves six more: who else will hit the streets with us?”

If you don’t have food to donate, how about some supplies? We always need:

  • Sleeping bags and blankets
  • Jumpers, coats and warm clothing
  • Socks and shoes
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries

… and anything else needed!

Your time is also what we needed – Inspiration Support can never have enough volunteers so why not give up a couple of hours a week or month, and help us?

Step up to the plate and help us tackle homelessness by giving up your time or donating food and supplies to the cause.

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